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March 2013 - Current


Title:Service Design Engineer


Find A Fit
November 2014 - Current

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    Find A Fit is my self-imposed project to understand apps better. It is a simple application which returns a list of the closest CrossFit gyms within your immediate vicinity.

    Why? Three reasons:

    1. Provide an easy means to get the closest CrossFit gyms when traveling.
    2. Do it faster than the current implementation
    3. Understand an app's development lifecycle: from coding to testing to publishing in all the major App Stores.

    Technologies Used:

    Source Code:

    September 2012 - Current

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    Ever since my first CrossFit workout in 2012, I wanted to keep track of my performance. At the time, all the existing products (both paid and free) lacked the set of tools I needed. A CrossFit application (like all applications) should contain the following characteristics:

    For the reasons listed above, I chose to implement a solution with HTML5, jQuery Mobile, PHP, MySQL and the MVC framework called CodeIgniter. I also built and maintain a LAMP server on RackSpace.

    I designed and coded the application from the perspective of both a CrossFit gym owner and member. My goal was to get local gyms on board and then expand from there.

    I grew my customer base from 1 CrossFit gym to 3 and, at one point, I had over 70 active, daily users. I was so excited to see this thought in my mind turn into a living, breathing thing that people loved.

    Unfortunately, something happened along the way and the user base dropped instead of grew.

    I still have three CrossFit gyms using WOD-Minder and I (along with about 20+ users) still love it. It's been a great learning experience and helped me grow as a developer.

    Technologies Used:

    Source Code: Available upon request.

    Software Technology, Inc.
    July 2008 - March 2013


    Title:Software Engineer


    Time Employed:Five years

    Technologies Used:

    Source Control Tools:

    Reason for leaving:Growth

    Kobalt Software
    August 2009 - October 2011



    Technologies Used:

    Principle Pharmacy Group
    February 2010 - January 2011


    Title:Software Consultant, Contract


    Time Employed:11 months

    Technologies Used:

    Hunter Systems
    July 2006 - July 2008


    Title:Senior Programmer



    Time Employed:Two Years

    Technologies Used:

    Reason for leaving:Company acquired by Software Technology, Inc.

    March 2006 - July 2006


    Title:Product Specialist


    Time Employed:Four Months

    Technologies Used:

    Reason for leaving:Growth

    Hunter Systems
    May 2000 - March 2006




    Time Employed:Five Years, 10 months

    Technologies Used:

    Reason for leaving:Growth

    U.S. Army
    May 1999 - March 2000

    Rank:First Lieutenant


    Time Employed:Eight months

    Reason for leaving:Completed active duty fulfillment
    Discharge Type:Honorable

    Hunter Systems
    September 1998 - April 1999


    Title:Junior Programmer


    Time Employed:Eight Months

    Technologies Used:

    Reason for leaving:Active Duty Assignment

    Alabama Army National Guard
    March 1996 - April 1999

    Rank:First Lieutenant

    Note:Time served in ALNG is concurrent with Auburn and first stint at Hunter Systems

    Units Served:

    Time Employed:Three years

    Reason for leaving:Active Duty Assignment

    Auburn University
    January 1996 - September 1998


    Education Highlights:

    Technologies Used:

    Marion Military Institute
    September 1993 - May 1995


    Education Highlights:

    Army ROTC:

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    TekVoice is a VB.NET web application used by clients to manage and maintain their VOIP numbers.

    It is a large scale using the following technologies:

    Citrix Cloud Portal Services Manager is an Enterprise Level Web Application used to manage and maintain cloud services.

    InformationNOW allows users to access and analyze classroom, school and district data.

    It is a VB.NET, multi-tiered, enterprise-level application that connects to a SQL Server database.

    The reporting engine is SQL Server Reporting Services.

    InformationNOW replaced District Workstation.

    District Workstation is an application used by School Districts.

    It is a legacy application replaced by InformationNOW.

    It is written in VB6 and connects to a SQL Server Database.

    Most of District Workstation's reports were XML exports required by the state in which the district resides.

    Applications coded to make the company more productive.

    School Minder allows its users to perform all private school related tasks in a single, intuitive interface.

    It is written in Visual Basic and uses Access as the database.

    When STI acquired Hunter Systems, InformationNOW replaced School Minder.

    GradeQuick is a WinForms application used by teachers nationwide to keep up with their students' grades.

    LiveLink.NET processed school information for over 96 different types of school informations systems.

    It extracted, transformed and stored GradeBook information from GradeQuick and also sent system data back to GradeQuick users (e.g. Rosters, Students, Scales, etc.).

    LiveLink.NET was written in VB.NET and used SQL Server as the database.

    ACom3 tracks sales and commisions for Actek's clients.

    It is a web application built in pure Java and is database agnostic.

    Software rewrite of GifTrak: a software application used to track donations to non-profit organizations.

    GifTrak is a smart-client application; deployed via ClickOnce technology.

    It is written in C# for .NET 3.5 Framework and uses SQL Server as the database.

    Roll-Up reporting aggregated data across 200 School Minder clients into one location.

    It allowed supervising entities to view reports across many schools.

    Roll-Up reporting used SQL Server DTS to transform the uploaded data, SQL Server to store the data, and Cognos Report.NET to report the data.

    A VisualBasic.NET, smart-client application used for small schools; ranging from 1 student to 13 students.

    Allows teachers to maintain gradebook, attendance and other administrative needs.

    Small School Minder is deployed to 224 schools.

    The online Web Portal replaced and overcame the shortcomings using an Excel Workbook uploaded to SharePoint.

    It gave all users a simple interface required to set up, enter and report data.

    The portal was built using PHP, MySQL, and the CodeIgniter Framework.

    Dyanmic Office Workbook used by the companies' clients to track Clinical Interventions.

    It allows a hospital pharmacist to view, report and manage the cost of doctor prescribed medications against the cost of pharmacist recommended medications.

    By doing so, clients maximized cost-savings while, at the same time, continued to provide quality care to patients.

    The workbook utilized Office’s VBA runtime to create a user-friendly interface.

    HomeSchool Minder allows parents to maintain grades, attendance and transcripts for their children.

    It is a Winforms application written in C#, uses an XML datastore and Crystal Reports.

    Change Requests range from minor improvements to major enhancements to the application.

    Development responsibilities for Change Requests follow a strict life-cycle of:

    1. Analyzing Requirements
    2. Authoring Design Specification
    3. Coding from approved Design Specification
    4. Creating Unit Tests to ensure solid design

    The Knowledge Base is built on SharePoint’s Wiki feature.

    Sample topics include:

    Primary functions of server:

    InformationLIVE is the scheduling component to the state of Alabama's ACCESS program.