This page contains a set of instructions to familiarize you with Windows 10 Keyboard commands and Microsoft Word.

Task - Create and Open a new Word Document

  1. Navigate to your student drive and right-click your mouse/touchpad to display the context menu
  2. Click "New"
  3. Select "Microsoft Word Document"
  4. Name the document OIS - Group Exerciseand press Enter
  5. The file will be selected so press enter to open

Task - Rename the document.

The document has the default name New Microsoft Word Document.docx. We're going to rename it OIS Group Exercise

  1. If you're document is not already selected, select it with the mouse
  2. Use the Function Key F2 at the top of the keyboard to enable renaming
  3. Type OIS Group Exercise
  4. Press Enter

Task - "Snap" Firefox and Microsoft Word

Windows 10 allows you to "Snap" applications to the screen. This helps when working with multiple applications at once

  1. Use the Windows + to snap Microsoft Word to the right.
  2. Select Firefox.
  3. Use the Windows + to snap Firefox to the left.

Task - Add a cover page

All formal reports should have a cover page. Word makes it very easy to add one

Task - Add Table of Contents

Table of Contents makes it easy for you to reference important parts of your document.

In order to do accomplish this task, we need to do the following:

  1. Go in between our cover page and "Task 1"
  2. Insert the table of contents. Follow the image below:
  3. Insert a "Page Break" with the keyboard shortcutCTRL + Enter

Task - Make a Heading

Styling a document is very helpful for features like a Table of Contents. Let's add a heading

  1. Type Introduction and select "Heading 1" as the Style from Word's ribbon.
  2. Press Enter
  3. Type This is an paragraph.

NOTE: We will make a heading for each task.

Task - Add a paragraph

Time to work on those keyboard skills.

  1. Use the mouse to put focus in the box below that talks about NASA
  2. Select All text with CTRL + A
  3. Copy text with CTRL + C
  4. Go to Microsoft Word with Alt + Tab

Spelling/Grammar Check

Copy and text the text below into your document:

Notice what was fixed and what was NOT fixed

By selecting/highlighting the sentence, you run the spelling/grammar check on just that sentence. If nothing is selected, then you run spellcheck on the entire document. Checking the entire document is typical

Task - Work with text

Copy and text the text below into your document:

Task - Spacing

Copy and Paste the text below


Task - Working with Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Copy and paste the image below in your Word Document

Insert a picture of your favorite cartoon with the Ribbon

Task - Hyperlink text to a web page

Hyperlinking allows you to link outside resources (e.g. Website) to a phrase in your document.

  1. Type "Google and Bing" in your document
  2. Hyperlink each search engine with Ctrl + K

Task - Update your Table of Contents

By now, there is enough formatting to fill the Table of Contents (ToC) with all the sections you've added. Let's return to the table of contents and update. Remember, the ToC is dynamic. You can update it any time to get a new list.

  1. Go to the beginning of your document with Ctrl + Home
  2. Right-click on your ToC and select "Update Table"/"Update Entire Table"

Task - Save your changes

Ctrl + S

Task - Insert Page Numbers

Page numbers go along with the ToC and are very helpful for projects that span multiple pages.

Task - Get a Word Count

Sometimes you are given an assignment which must have a certain number of words. Let word count take care of that mundane task for you.