This page contains a set of instructions to familiarize you with Windows 10.

Task - Change folder settings to details layout.

Viewing a folder in the "details" layout let's you see and sort details on files.

  1. Use Windows + E to open the file explorer
  2. Press the Alt key to open the menu folder
  3. Press V to load the View Menu
  4. Press L to load the View Menu
  5. Use the Arrow keys to select Details and press Enter

Let's observe the information about the file we could not see before

Task - Change default folder settings.

Windows understands how to treat files based on their type. (e.g. images, documents, programs, etc). We're going to change the default behavior so we can know where files are located and what kind of files we're looking at.

  1. Press Alt to get our menu helpers
  2. Press V to load the View Menu
  3. Press Y to Select Options
  4. Press Enter to load the Options dialog
  5. Click "Apply to All Folders"

Task - Create a text file.

Let's create a text file (TXT) in your school folder

  1. Open File Explorer with with Windows + E
  2. Select your school drive
  3. Right-click in a blank area in the document
  4. Select "New"
  5. Select "Text Document"
  6. Press Enter

Task - Create a text file.

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